Meet Your Farmers

John Gary & Heather Plaza (Farmers)

John Gary and Heather Plaza met at Humboldt State University in 2000 where they studied biology, botany and soil science.  Their love for the natural world, creating community, and eating healthy food led them to pursue livelihoods in organic farming and ranching in Humboldt County.

John worked on several organic farms during his college summers, and after graduating, he had the opportunity to buy G-Farm.  Located in Blue Lake, CA.,  G-Farm grew broccoli, leaf lettuce, and cabbages for the natural food stores in Arcata and Eureka.  After seven years of growing G-Farm into a successful wholesale produce operation, Johnny and Heather purchased an old cattle ranch in Eureka on Myrtle Avenue.  Now able to live and farm at home, they changed their name to Organic Matters Ranch.  Here they began to expand into livestock, as well as growing many other vegetables and field crops.  They continue to expand into diverse food production systems, while maintaining quality and integration throughout the operation.



Pumpkin Patch Open

OCTOBER 1st through OCTOBER 31st


We are no longer offering CSA.  However, the farm stand will be open during the pumpkin patch.