We do not certify our lamb as organic for various reasons.  Mainly because our butcher is not certified as an organic handler so no meat products from them can be labeled organic even if from certified organic livestock. 


OM Ranch raises Katahdins for the following characteristics and their culinary excellence.  The meat from the lambs, and even the older sheep is mild and lean.  The mild flavor is due to the low lanolin production compared to traditional wool sheep breeds.  Many people who say they don't like lamb have tried and loved our lamb! 


Katahdin sheep are a hair sheep breed developed in the United States in the 1970"s. 

Katahdin are adaptable, low maintenance sheep that produce superior lamb crops and lean, meaty carcasses.  They do not produce a fleece and therefore do not require shearing.  Ewes have exceptional mothering ability and lamb easily; lambs are born vigorous and alert.  The breed is ideal for pasture lambing and grass/forage based management systems.

They are a hardy breed, with great parasite resistance, and excellent maternal instinct.  They breed naturally and often have twins or triplet lambs in the field.


100% Grass Fed