At OM Ranch, great quality pork starts with breed selection.  We raise heritage breeds, like the large black hog, the Tamworth, and the Red Wattle.  These "old world" breeds grow slower than the modern industry breeds, but result in richly flavored, marbled pork. These hogs perform well in our pasture based management system, too. 

We raise our pigs outdoors on pasture with plenty of vegetation to graze and room to grow.    They enjoy a natural life grazing and rooting the ground.  Their diet consists of organic grains, vegetable wastes, and protein broth.  Our fall batch of pigs is fattened on the thousands of pounds of left over pumpkins from our pumpkin patch.  They love when we smash them open - going right for the nutritious seeds first!

We respect these animals and care for their well being.  Because of this we feel good about supplying a small amount of the pork eaten by folks here in Humboldt County.  We work with a small butchery to produce delicious pork cuts, bacon, hams, liverwurst, lard and sausage for our farmers market and farm stand customers. 

We do not certify our pigs organic for various reasons but raise them on Certified Organic Grains, Certified Organic Okra and our Certified Organic Veggies.  The main reason being our butcher is not certified as an organic handler so meat products from them cannot be labeled organic even if the livestock is certified organic. However, our pigs are never given synthetic chemical wormers or antibiotics.

We really enjoy raising pigs!