Field Crops

With over 100 arable acres, and many hungry animals to feed, OM Ranch grows hay and grain.  Often called marshmallows - big, white, plastic wrapped bales of silage hay are made in the spring.  This becomes high quality feed in local dairy and beef cattle operations.  Later in the season, when it is warmer and drier, 3 string grass hay bales are made from the second cut of the pasture.  This too is used to feed cows, horses, goats, and sheep.  Don't forget to get a few bales for your animals when you visit the roadside stand!

Several small grains are being grown on an experimental basis to offset the purchased feed costs for our pigs and chickens.  These animals love the high nutrient and energy of foods like barley, oats, and buckwheat.   These crops are dry-farmed during the growing season, and then harvested using a neighbor's combine. 






Pumpkin Patch Open

OCTOBER 1st through OCTOBER 31st


We are no longer offering CSA.  However, the farm stand will be open during the pumpkin patch.