As stewards of the land, we recognize that there are natural systems that we are farming within.  A rich diversity of bird and wildlife populations were here first, and continue to thrive along with our farming operations.  We celebrate the life that surrounds us everyday as we produce food for our community.

The first thing one notices out here is the abundance and variety of birds!  Our ranch is situated on several "ecotones," which means a transitional area between environments.  For example:  our property is mostly open pasture, but borders the coastal redwood forest.  We are also in the transition area from freshwater to a brackish, or tidally influenced, environments. 

This serves us well for the enjoyment of observing birds on the ranch.  Raptors, marsh birds, song birds, and migratory geese all frequent our property, making it a daily nature show.

Larger animals like river otters, foxes, coyotes, and even bear roam through the property on occasion, too.  

Its always amazing to see an animal that we have never seen before on the ranch! 






Pumpkin Patch Open

OCTOBER 1st through OCTOBER 31st


We are no longer offering CSA.  However, the farm stand will be open during the pumpkin patch.