We are no longer raising chickens, however, we will have our own small flock on the farm.  It was a great experience but we have decided to focus on other farm endeavors.  We still highly recommend sourcing local when ever possible.  



We raise chickens for eggs and for meat here on the ranch.  These are completely different operations, though, with each involving different breeds, different feeds, different coops, and different management practices.  Although both get the healthy benefits of fresh air, pasture, water and respect.

We raise a small flock of egg laying hens in mobile coops that we move regularly with tractors.  Healthy eggs come from healthy birds!  The nutritional difference in our eggs is obvious by the color of the yolks.  Compared with warehouse grown chicken eggs, our egg yolks are a rich orange color and are loaded with omega-3's from all their free ranging. 

We raise both the traditional Cornish crosses and the Freedom Ranger chickens for meat.  We move their mobile coop every few days on to fresh pasture.  Although they enjoy foraging, they really love their grain.  They are fed high quality organic soy-free and corn-free grain from Modesto Milling.  In the end, these birds are processed into whole broilers or into packaged parts for our customers enjoyment!  They are processed humanely on the farm by us, the farmers, with the use of the specialized poultry equipment under the Federal Exemption PL 90-492.







Pumpkin Patch Open

OCTOBER 1st through OCTOBER 31st


We are no longer offering CSA.  However, the farm stand will be open during the pumpkin patch.